Fellside Walkers 15th March 2012

Newbiggin to Croglin and back!

A gorgeous walk and at just 5 miles a good mornings stroll. Unfortunately today the weather was misty and we were deprived of the views that we knew were there - never mind it is a walk to be repeated so we may have better luck next time.

We set off from Newbiggin and made our way back down to the Croglin road just next to the Bluebell Inn We turned left and then had a short stretch of road until a signpost turned us right onto a path across fields and over stiles until we again hit tarmac and turned left. On this road you feel as if you are right in the heart of the Eden Valley with lush green hills and fields all around. It's not a busy road and the only vehicle to pass us on the 2 km stretch was a farmer on his quad bike! Ignore the left turn to Croglin and carry on for a further 3/4 of a mile where a signpost directs you once again across fields to enter Croglin at the Robin Hood Pub.

Croglin is a lovely village famous for its vampire which attacked a local woman sometime in the 19century (we think). It climbed into her bedroom and bit her neck which was very naughty especially as it then returned a few months later and did the same thing. It can't have been a very hungry vampire but this time the woman's brothers were alerted by her screams and chased the creature and one brother shot it in the leg before it ran into the churchyard and into a vault. The next day the brothers and some villagers entered the vault to find damaged coffins except for one which contained a shrivelled corpse which had recently been shot in the leg!! They burnt the coffin and the vampire was never seen again, thank goodness.

We walked cautiosly through Croglin and heaved a sigh of relief as we started to climb the hill away from it with our necks intact. The path which then takes you all the way back to Newbiggin is delicious. There is a gentle climb away from Croglin before you hit a T junction. Turn right and then immediatelt left and you are walking on a wide track with beautiful dry stone walls on either side.The views on this path on a clear day are stunning - over to the Lake Distrct northern fells with the distinctive outline of Blencathra.To Dumfries and Galloway with the Solway Firth and the outline of Criffel and of course  the beautiful Eden Valley.

We stopped to admire the frog spawn and take a photo but were soon back in Newbiggin after descending through woodland into the village.

Newbiggin is about 8 miles south of Brampton in the Eden Valley. It is probably a similar distance from Hallbankgate if you are staying at the Old School House B&B! The grid reference for the start of the walk is 560491