Bike Ride

This Sunday Brampton on Bikes will meet at 11.00 outside the Moot Hall in Brampton and be wending our way to Kirkcambeck along some lovely scenic and quiet lanes. We’ll be heading north of Brampton which tends to be not quite as hilly as other directions so the ride will not be too strenuous and we’ll be stopping for a picnic. The distance is about 22 miles and all on road. ... [click to read more]

Posted: 13th March 2012

Fellside Walkers

This coming Thursday 15th March, the Fellside Walkers will be trundling down the Eden valley to Croglin which is the start of a lovely walk to Newbiggin  and back. The walk is about  5 miles along tracks and paths and some, very quiet, roads. The views are stupendous over the Eden valley and on a clear day the outline of the Lake District fells are clearly visible. No doubt we will be talking about the Croglin vampire but hope we don’t meet him! After we’ve done the w...... [click to read more]

Posted: 12th March 2012