Bee eaters in Brampton....

Amazingly 2 pairs of bee eaters who normally breed in warmer climes than here have been discovered nesting in a quarry near Brampton. The bright and beautiful birds normally nest in Southern Europe but have built their nest in Low Gelt Quarry near Brampton. They were discovered by workmen there in June and have been watched and protected by the RSPB since then but now the word is out and we can go and visit and view them from a hide set up specially.... [click to read more]

Posted: 31st July 2015

Hallbankgate Hub

Our village shop is going to close in April and we are starting a campaign to continue the shop as a community enterprise owned and run by the village. If you would like to follow our progress have alook at the website,... [click to read more]

Posted: 3rd March 2015

Back in business!

Peter and I have just had a wonderful 4 month break walking across Europe so the B&B has been closed. Apologies to those who wanted to stay with us and hope you can come and see us soon.Despite the amazing sights we saw while we were away it was great coming back to Hallbankgate and its familiar beauty!... [click to read more]

Posted: 24th August 2013